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Lainey Weix

Graphic Design And Artist Portfolio

Graphic Posters

Fight Food Waste
fight food waste series banana2500.jpg
Jank Typeface

Type specimen with a typeface made from scratch. The specimen is designed to look like construction paper/ magazine cutouts in order to mach the typography and be visually interesting.

des 310 sec3 weix lainey poster project process book8.jpg
Vintage Valley

Event poster with hand drawn imagery for the vintage market. The imagery is a charcoal drawing with marks surrounding it. This alludes to old cameras or vintage pictures that have the age spots around them. The model is also posing in vintage clothes to show off the event.

A poster series depicting food with a surreal design. The posters spreading food waste awareness are black and white with a swirling design to show the rotting and the waste that people contribute to.

Packaging Design

Packaging made for an on the go soap product. Tidy Paws is made for hikers that need a light weight soap that is good for the environment with little mess. Having a liquid soap on the go might cause leaking or harmful effects to the environment. All you have to do to this dried soap is add water. The packaging is illustrated depicting animals you would find hiking. This product can be used by anyone, even moms. With the kid friendly packaging, kids will love washing their hands at the soccer game, or the amusement park anywhere a clean adventure needs to be had.

Tidy Paws
front 1500.jpg
front back and top tidy paws1500.jpg

Aceitar is a Brazilian wine and the meaning of the name is "to accept" in porchogeses. The logo made for the wine is a female figure in the nude in a renaissance type style. The label also has brail to translate for people with vision issues. The packaging is made to feel, with the fabric label and embroidered branding. The message of the wine is to accept things as they are.

Pina Buto

Pina Buto is a pineapple seed growing kit. Meant for all ages you can grow your own pineapple at home. The theme is a fun bright tropical version of the pineapple boxes seen in grocery stores that the fruit comes packed in. The bright orange stands out on the shelves in the gardening and seed departments. The packaging the seeds come in can also serve as a planter for the small growing seeds.

Publishing Design

Spots and Dots and Dots and Spots

Spots and Dots was made as a type specimen for the typeface used on the spots of the dog. The type specimen is a children's book about a dog that shows its feelings through its spots. written illustrated and deigned by Lainey Weix, this sample of the book shows illustrations designs and the typeface. There will be more children's books to come.

Spots and dots15.jpg
Spots and dots16.jpg
Spots and dots17.jpg
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